PVD  High Protection System

Durability, beauty and strength. Even in the most modern and functional environment, wear and corrosion proof accessories are needed. High-tech + Aesthetic + Function; this there qualities are made available for you with the PVD (Physical Vapour Deposition) treated HANDLES products.

This magnificent coating treatment on door handles, knobs, pull handles and accessories provides long-life duration and protection against losing the aesthetic qualities against the negative effects of atmospheric pollution, sunlight and humidity. Besides; it is an entirely nature friendly technology and the ceramic-like inorganic surface it provides, prevents any kind of bacterium reproducing and gives an additional trust of hygiene.


TSE EN 1906:2008

New TSE certification for door furniture

The TSE norms TSE EN 1906:2008 define test standards and methods for the performances of door handles and knobs. The Category of use represents the most important classification and HANDLES HA-KAN METAL  reached the attractive “level no. 4”, synonym for the best technical product available in the market today.


“Green Made" Concept

Certified environmental management system ISO 14001:2004

Green Made concept by Handles Ha-kan Metal : a product conceived constantly thinking of the environment. Protecting our resources is more and more important in a global economy, in particular paying attention to reflections of manufacturing onto the environment. Our manufacturing process are the results of our global attention to environment protection, as evidenced by the ISO 14001:2004 certification